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  • KVMoIP Access for Quanta Servers
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Our Quanta based servers are all equipped with a BMC (Baseboard Management Controller) that allows for out of band management access to your server.
The BMC allows you to remote control the server and to view diagnostics information as well as hardware sensor readings.

It also features a built in ability that allows you to use KVM over IP and remote storage redirection at any time.

Known problems and solutions

This section describes known problems and solutions

Application Blocked by Security Settings

The KVM Remote Console Redirection application may be blocked by Java security settings, due to missing Java Security Manifest.

To lower the security level of Oracle Java 7:

  • Open your Java Control Panel (jcontrol)
  • Select Security tab and lower security setting it to medium

Unable to launch the application

If you experience Application Error: Unable to launch the application when trying to launch the KVM remote console then you may need to clean the Java JNLP cache using the Oracle Java Control Panel.

To clean JNLP cache using Oracle Java 7:

  • Open your Java Contol Panel (jcontrol)
  • Select General -> View...
  • Select the JViewer, that is associated with your server (This can be done by right clicking -> show JNPL file. First line in the new window will state the associated IP, this should be the IP of the remote KVM access). Right click and delete it.

Then you should be able to open the KVM again. This is tested using Firefox as browser.

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