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Problems using KVM?

Please see Problems and Solutions section

Complete Remote Management

You can access the KVM web interface directly from your EasySpeedy Control Center. Just point to the server you wish to manage, and go to the KVM menu.

These are some of the strong features of the KVM over IP:

  • Install any operating system (Linux, Windows, BSD, Solaris) onto your Sun server using your local machine's CD/DVD device or an ISO image as the installation media.
  • Monitor your boot progress and see if any errors occur.
  • Initiate a file system recovery.
  • Troubleshoot non-trivial OS configuration issues.
  • Determine exception and kernel panic errors.
  • Select different kernels.
  • Fix incorrect firewall and network settings.
  • Disable SSH and use the KVM/IP for remote access.

How it Works

Lights Out Manager

Integrated/Embedded Lights Out Management (LOM) is Sun Microsystems implementation of the remote management protocol Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI) by Intel. It allows for remote control of the server, regardless of its power state. The LOM process is controlled by a dedicated processor, that works independently of the system CPUs. LOM is often referred to as the Service Processor (SP).

LOM is able to control the system power settings and remote KVM (Keyboard, Video, Mouse). In addition LOM provides monitoring of sensors that measures voltage, temperature, fan speeds, etc.

There are two different types of Lights Out Managers for Sun servers.

ELOMEmbedded Lights Out Manager
ILOMIntegrated Lights Out Manager
Server typeLOM
Sun Fire X2100 M2ELOM
Sun Fire X2200 M2ELOM
Sun Fire X4150ILOM
Sun Fire X4170ILOM

The above mentioned two different types of Lights Out Manager include a Service Processor which allows for remote control of the server.

The main difference between the two is that the ILOM systems uses a dedicated network interface, whereas the ELOM uses a network interface shared with the rest of the system. ILOM is used in the later Sun servers.

Inactivity Time-Out

The default inactivity timeout is set to 15 minutes. You can change this setting from the web interface by selecting System Information → Session Time-Out to prevent time-out while working with the web interface and remote console.

Remote Console Redirection

Interacting with your server through KVM is referred to as redirection. By starting redirection from the LOM web interface your browser will launch a Java Web Start application. This application enables you to see and interact with your servers console, from BIOS POST to Graphical User Interfaces.


Redirected storage is available on both ILOM and ELOM and covers all EasySpeedy Sun servers.

Remote redirection includes a storage functionality, that enables you to mount a CD/DVD drive or CD/DVD ISO image file directly from your workstation to the server, letting you install your operating system of your choice.

Using the Remote Console window, click Storage → Mount Device.

If you are attempting to install an operating system from redirected storage, just mount the storage device and reboot the server. When in BIOS POST, you can press F8 to select boot device.

Problems and Solutions

This section includes the solutions to common problems with the Sun LOM.

Authentication Error

The Sun/Oracle KVM redirection on Sun Fire X2100/X2200 type servers, has very specific software compatibility.

The Authentication Error message, when launching the Java Web Start redirection program is caused by client software incompatibility. If this error occurs, it will cause the redirection session to hang, and the next time you try to launch the redirection you will receive a RKVM has already been Launched by x.x.x.x error message. If that happens you will need to reset the service processor to clear the active session.

Here is a list of supported and tested operating systems and configurations.

Operating SystemArchitectureJava RuntimeAdditional software
Microsoft Windows (XP/Vista/7/8)x86 / x86-64Oracle Java 7none
Ubuntu 12.04 (LTS)i386 onlyOracle Java 7libstdc++5

Mac OSX is unfortunately not supported. However you can use our Live CD and VirtualBox machine as a client. See green box below.

Note that on Linux you will need to run i386 Java Runtime and i386 libstdc++5.

Trouble using KVM Redirection?

As an immediate solution to compatibility problems, we have created a Live CD, which you can download and use as your Sun KVM Client.

Provided with the Live CD, is a VirtualBox machine (Requires VirtualBox).

Download KVM Live CD

RKVM has already been Launched by x.x.x.x

Only one active redirection session is allowed at a time. This error could indicate a hanging session if the redirection application was closed unexpectedly. If inactivity timeout has been enabled, the session will automatically be terminated when the session has timed out. Otherwise, if inactivity timeout has been disabled, you can reset the service processor in order to free the redirection session.

Resetting the Service Processor

To reset the service processor, click Maintenance and Reset SP, in the web interface. Resetting the SP takes approximately 5 minutes. Meanwhile the web interface will be unavailable.

Create Connection Failure

This error can be caused by a firewall blocking the connection. When launching KVM from your Control Center, be sure to keep the pop-up window open while using KVM, otherwise your KVM session will be disconnected after a short period of time. Access is only granted to the specific IP from which you have accessed the Control Center. Make sure you have no local firewall blocking the connection.

Redirection runs on TCP port 8890.
The web interface runs on TCP port 443 (HTTPS).

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